Transform Your Home with Beautiful Custom-made Curtains

While it might seem overly dramatic to view curtains as having the power to utterly transform a space, you should never underestimate the effect that beautiful, custom-made curtains can have on the ambiance and setting of a space. No one knows this better than our team at The Curtain Cabin. All of our curtains are expertly tailored to fit seamlessly into any living space. We provide a vast range of fabrics from silks and satins to contemporary prints, velvets and stunning sheers, all sourced from leading suppliers across South Africa.

Partner with The Curtain Cabin for all your custom curtain requirements and tap into decades of experience. We advise you on aspects such as the correct type of pleating for your curtains, whether it is the trendy wave pleat or hand pleated options such as pinch pleats. We also guide you through the vast array of rail and rod options available to complement and enhance your overall product. Practical aspects such as blocking out light in specific areas using the correct lining, or light filtering options in areas such as open plan living areas, are also taken into account.


Curtain Styles

  • Modern and Elegant.
  • Compliments classic and modern setting.
  • Works well with most fabrics including sheer.
  • Versatile: works on small and large windows and doors.
  • Can be used with a wide range of rails, rods and fittingsVIEW OPTIONS

Wave Pleated

  • Commonly known as pinch pleated, pencil pleated and V pleated curtains.
  • Works well as free hanging or tied back curtains.
  • Works well in spaces with limited depth.
  • Works well with most fabrics.
  • Can be used with a wide range of rails, rods and fittingsVIEW OPTIONS

Hand pleated

  • Cost-effective option.
  • Works well on voile curtains that remain fixed in place.
  • Works well on lining which is used behind a wave sheer.

Taped curtains

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