The Enduring Appeal of Quality Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are some of the most popular window blinds available because of their ability to add a degree of modernity, functionality and style to transform any space. At The Curtain Cabin, we understand the desire to have functional design elements that reflect your personal style while complementing and enhancing the existing features of your space. Which is why we offer a wide range of materials in a myriad of colours for you to choose from, to ensure you find the perfect Venetian blinds to suit your style and space.

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Shop our range of Venetian blinds online or visit us in-store and let our team of experts advise and guide you to find Venetian blinds that will meet your design and functionality needs. With our expert bespoke services, we can craft unique, quality blinds in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to ensure that when you shop with us, you’re getting the finest Venetian blinds for sale. Whether you require privacy, light control, ventilation, or all three, The Curtain Cabin can deliver.

When you partner with The Curtain Cabin you can tap into our decades of experience for expert consultation, superior customisation and a high-quality installation to ensure a finished product that’s perfect for your space.

Trust The Curtain Cabin to help you transform the look and feel of your space with our classic, elegant, custom Venetian blinds for sale.

Types of Venetian Blinds

  • Available in wood, wood alloy and aluminium.
  • Characterised by horizontal slats which are tilted to control light and privacy.
  • Can also be lifted fully to allow full view.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Best in areas where a combination of light control, privacy and views required.
  • Avoid in areas where the blind has to be lifted regularly (such as sliding doors).

Venetian Blinds

  • Constructed with two layers of transparent and opaque fabrics.
  • Interchangeable between full privacy and full view with a single control.
  • Operation: Plastic chain mechanism, or wired/wire-free battery operated motor.
  • Best on smaller windows.
  • Avoid on larger windows or doors where the blind will be lifted regularly.
  • Available in a range of striking colours

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Venetian Blinds FAQs

What's the difference between Venetian blinds and normal blinds?

Blinds come in a variety of styles and Venetian blinds are simply a style of window blind that consist of horizontal slats that can be adjusted according to your light control and privacy preferences.

What are Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are blinds that consist of horizontal slats that are made from either wood, wood alloy or aluminium that are suspended on lift cords.

What are the most popular Venetian blinds?

Some of the most popular Venetian blinds are aluminium blinds.

Are Venetian blinds see-through?

Venetian blinds are not see-through but you are able to see through them when you open the horizontal slats or completely lift the blinds.

How much do Venetian blinds cost?

At The Curtain Cabin, we offer a range of materials for you to choose from for all your Venetian blind needs to ensure you find Venetian blinds for sale that are the perfect fit for your home.

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